Solo project, initially made for PROCJAM 2019.

Jump and climb your way up to the top of a randomly-generated level!

X / SPACEBAR : Jump 
R : Restart Level 
ENTER : Generate New Level

(Special thanks to Daniel Linssen for the fonts)


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Great game, but the high score isn't working for me.

Hey there! It's just a very simple implementation, e.g. it doesn't save high-scores for previous levels, and will reset when you generate a new level. 

Fun, but generation has some problems


Unlucky! I just went with messy generation - not every level can be beaten and I am personally okay with it 


this game is REALLY good, nice job

I agree!


This game rules

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I click run game but nothing happens after that. Is is because I'm playing on a Chromebook? It did say you could play in browser, so I'm ultra confused.

I don't know.



I'm having the exact same problem on a chromebook as well...

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I'm having the same problem, but in a Windows 10 desktop(chrome browser


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same problem here, on chrome on a macbook. maybe i'll try a different browser?

Very good but the character could be a tiny bit slower.

The character feels great to control while running and jumping and the animation looks very good.

The climbing feels a little weird, like there was an invisible ladder next to the climbable tiles.

Also moving from vines to climbing its very tricky, and feels more like a hack than actual mechanic (I found myself pressing jump repeatedly in order to reach the invisible ladder)

thats pretty good :) it remind me a littler with towerclimb (