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Hi! We played your game on stream and really enjoyed it!


got a liiiiittle bored after i couldnt water my plants anymore and they started withering away to nothing sooo i made a little iffel tower out of seeds

A nice lil relaxing game, wish there was a manual though cause i only found how to fullscreen and refill the well via comments

Please add something rewarding, like money that you can buy stuff with. That way people don't click of the game instantly and its more fun

Hey man, I still remember you and your game (this one!) from NGJ16, We were in the same showcase group. I just wanted to say that all your stuff is so fucking good. You are an amazing artist and designer in general, and I think about your games from time to time! I hope you're doing well and wonder if you're still making games and all? I hope so - would suck to miss out on more of your creations :)

Tried to find the noises of everything by placing several of just their seed on the board 

purple-blue swirly seed - flute sounding noise? not too sure what it is

cactus seed - string instrument, most hearable sound in normal planting. violin?

minecraft emerald shaped but yellow tree seed - seems to also be a violin but the noise is more consistent and shifts less. 

sunflower seed - underlying tension bass

literally just a green circle seed tree -  slight tambourine or bells ringing

corn seed - makes the noise of corn. I mean. Well I don't think it makes a noise at all

four green squares looks like tree seed - absolutely nothing

leaf seed it's green and it has leaves - it makes noises when it grows. yknow, like everything else in the game

pink twisty seed - silence

pink flower looking seed - oh finally something that makes noise. drums hitting thing. instrument you hit

ones that don't make noise are possibly because they do something unnoticeable on their own like shift tempo of certain plants (not testing that) or just because I can't hear them. 


Soooo. Turns out, if you stack two or more seeds on top of each other, then grab the lower one, you can lift them up, drag them higher, but not lower again, then when you let them go, they just stay floating. Also: Am i just not getting the concept of the game, am i just to dumb to play it or is there no way of refilling the well?

Interesting bug! It's been a while since I've ever touched the code for this.

As for refilling the well, there's a hole in the wall you can click on. 😊


very nice game :)

A peaceful, chill game. Nice atmosphere and art :)

I really like the game the environment is very calm and beautiful 10/10 :)

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wait what-

anddd all my plants died ;n;

well i picked up something else but they're still floating

yes i tried picking up the bucket again but the same thing happened as picture 2

oh nvm i'll just restart (press R key to restart)


10/10 most of the time i play action games but this stuff is best


very beautiful, from the colors to the sounds <3


This was a relaxing game to play. It was fun to try and grow all the different types of plants available.

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is made with godot?


This is such a simple and calming game. Really enjoyed the animation and sound design. Nice job!

nice exotic plants we got here


this game is nice to play before bed


Eu gostei do jogo, só achei com pouca coisa para fazer.


I liked the game, I only found with little to do.

Neat little game, it has such nice atmosphere.

I personally had a lot of fun with this little game. It's one of the most relaxing games I've played in awhile. I have some deeper thoughts in my video along with my first reactions to this wonderful little experience. 


Could you please export a Linux version?


A cute game, though its kind of sad it only took me minutes to finished the game. For me, it would be more awesome if you could prolong this game (like adding some events). Also, the graphics and the control is simple but cool.

Anyways, thanks for the game! its super-duper short but it relaxed me. :D


how do you get the plants to grow overhead? it wont let me 


I found your small game really calming and peaceful! It's nice to see something relaxing when everyone is rushing about. Especially where I live where there are "rush hours" and people cramp in subways and run everywhere. Where cars crash and bikes slow everyone down.

It's refreshing to see something that takes time. Thank you for making this game!

Hello! I enjoyed your game a lot, it looked wonderful and had some awesome sound design as well! I made a let's play of it alongside another game here~

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I made a plant game too but it's not as good looking.