"WitchWay 2 Update" - Shelved, sorry!

Hey there, it's Andy.

It's been over a year since I made the announcement on itch.io of a supposed 'sequel' to WitchWay - I'm sure some people are curious as to how it's been coming along.

Long story short - the project's been shelved. I anticipated I would be able to solve some of the 'constraints' of the original design, struggled to do that, and got overwhelmed trying to make this thing all by myself. Over time I became deeply unmotivated to work on it. It just didn't feel right. Around July/August 2019 I had basically stopped.

So I'm sharing a few gifs of what existed of "WitchWay 2".



(Art Test by Caroline)

That's really it! There's not much to see, but I can tell you I got wayy better at programming after trying to tackle this on my own.

I'm working on new things at the moment that I'm excited about, which I'll announce, when they're ready. Not making that mistake again.

ALSO - As part of this post, I've decided I'll be making WitchWay $0 for the next couple of weeks, until the end of March. So if you're reading this and haven't played the original WitchWay yet - now's your chance to do it for free!

Get WitchWay

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This game stopped recognizing my controller for some reason. On Version 1.12. I use a DualSense, sometimes with DS4Windows. Tried deleting the settings.ini to no avail. My controller works fine in other games at the moment.

Okay nevermind, it just works now for some reason.

Hello! I am interested in purchasing Witchway, but I was wondering if it includes a portable map since that was my only issue with shrubnaut?

It doesn't, unfortunately! But I understand your concern - any future 'metroidvania' I make will definitely include a map!

ah cool gotcha! I get the appeal for those that prefer wandering, but i will def keep an eye out for your next project !

I tried reaching out to you via twitter, but I would really be interested in collaborating with you on a project! i think this one in particular had so much potential and I've been working solo on a game of my own as well so I understand the struggle! Please feel free to reach out if you're interested at all.

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I've only recently started playing the original Witchway and I like it a lot. Just finally finished it with all the bunnies and everything. Thanks for creating the game! Sadly this game didn't got the recognition it deserved, and therefore it doesn't get the sequel, but more people should play Witchway 1. It's great!


I'm not sure why you're making this gem of a game free.
Though thank you for your generosity. I love the pixelart, and fluidity and I'm loving the puzzles so far!


I've played a lot of racial justice bundle games at this point but WitchWay is one of my favorites, it's so clever setting up lots of different puzzles with the same set of mechanics, to the point I can understand if you don't feel there's really any more ground to be explored in this vein. Thanks for making such a charming time, I've recommended it to a few other people.


Got WitchWay in the big bundle a few months back, was a great little puzzle game.  Look forward to seeing more stuff from you in the future.


Excited for your future games! 

I’d love a Mac version of Witch way. It looks so cool and fun. The graphics are gorgeous 


Pls. try to finish it

Dang I'm actually a bit bummed to read this because I was super excited, but I'll look forward to anything else you put out in the future. I love WitchWay a lot, I just finished it and I plan to come back to 100% in a couple of days.
Best of luck in all of your endeavors!


I also just finished the game and I think I kind of see where are you coming from. What you can do with original mechanics is limited and seeing the gif with diagonal lasers made me think "I don't want to deal with it". But it is completely fine for WitchWay to be just one game and for me it was just a perfect size. After finishing it I felt like I want more of the cutesy adventure in this setting and art, but I also was just at the point where I didn't want to deal with more puzzles, especially long and complicated ones. I'm not big on puzzle games, I get that some would like more content, but for me it was just a perfect cut. I will recommend it to people who just want cutesy puzzle platformer as a break from their online fps, simracing, rpgs and so on. I think you should consider publishing the game on some more platforms, it is not groundbreaking, but it is it is a good entertainment for people who don't play puzzle games too often and it has presentation which should draw people in.


I just finished WitchWay and I really enjoyed it! I would have liked to see more puzzles because they were all really clever, but I'm satisfied with what there was regardless. Great job!

My friends and I got this as part of Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and we did a speedrun race through it! It was a lot of fun and the puzzles were really well-designed. We were first doing any% and then decided to go for 100% after we finished the game in about half an hour. We ended up finding every bunny, artefact, and eye and loved it :)

Good luck with your future games!

+1 for Linux 

+1 for Linux

I would happily pay the 4.00 USD if I could play this on Linux :o)


Ack, I too am only seeing this now and while I wish I could have played WitchWay 2, I wouldn't have wanted you to work on it to your own detriment. I'm glad you've got other things you're excited for, and I look forward to seeing them in the future!

Argh, I only just saw this and I'm very sad to hear it. I adored WitchWay and would love to play more. I hope you come back to it one day.

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i just knew witchway today from get indie gaming youtube channel... i bought the game immediately. sad to hear the sequel had been shelved. but thank you nonetheless.

Awww, the gifs shared are very amazing, thank you for sharing them with us.
WitchWay 1 was absolutely fun to play, so I really wanted to thank you for that experience! the puzzles were challenging in a good way, never really frustratingly hard, and 100% completion is very achievable making it very satisfying.
Hope you the best, Andy, and whatever project you gonna work on next, I'm sure it's gonna be amazing too, best of luck!

I got this game whilst it was on sale, and I got tto say, it was a great game! I would have definitely paid the full price, but yeah, I love it! I'm not a huge fan of metroidvanias, but this game really got me hooked! The game was unique, the puzzles were challenging but gave a point to start with, and I really like how the lzers actually kill you (something often overlooked by other puzzle games). I was not able to complete it because I could find the red key nor the last bunny, but Idefinetly spent waay more than 2.5 hours on this game. Solid 5 outof 5

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This was a fun puzzle game!

I expected something to unlock after getting 100% (like a secret in the main shaft to discover that would turn that room gold like the others) but I suppose it's just completion.

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