Made in 48 hours for the GMTK 2020 Jam.

(Above is an updated, post-jam version with bug-fixes. A download of the original is below.)


Grab / ThrowC
Restart RoomR


A team of workers are tasked with processing boxes and have to meet the quota in the time limit. The catch? Every time the wheel spins, a worker is selected at random to work the next shift. With such short margins, all workers must play a part in helping each other be as effective as possible, so that no second is wasted.


48HR JAM : There are some bugs! If you get stuck, just restart the room and try again.

TOOLS USED : GameMaker Studio 2, Aseprite, BFXR.


FONT : M6x11 by Managore


StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer, Puzzle
Made withGameMaker


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ROTATIONAL SHIFT (Original Jam) - 2 MB
ROTATIONAL SHIFT (Post Jam v1.1) - 2 MB

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Huge overcooked potential here

this game is like purely based on luck with the wheel


hard but fun. Wish there was more levels and maybe other production lines besides boxes. Maybe you would have to ship 4 normal boxes and 2 tall boxes


fun game but tricky. the presentation made me think of game & watch. excellent page presentation as well

Made a video

I really like the concept of this game! It's very original as well. I personally really love the art style of the game, since I am a big fan of pixel art! My only problem is regarding the controls. I really tried, but I simply coulnd't get the hang of it. In my personal opinion the controls are just a bit too finicky and I think that is why I couldn't get used to them. Even though I didn't really get to see a whole lot of the game, I can still tell that it's absolutely a great game! Well done! ;D

nice game

Really enjoyed this game. Felt it was very on theme as well. Great showing.

They Wheel dissappears sometimes , and the players sometimes get stuck.
Nontheless it is quite charming and really fun to play

If you put a crate on another player and then walk onto that player then switch to the player with the crate on the head.... RIP

i really like the concept and how much you achieved. i agree the controls can be frustrating. also, my boyz got stuck in the corner between the boxes and slider more than once and it was impossible to come out. sad times :(

This is awesome! Great work!

Very cool concept but the controls are a bit frustrating.


This game is amazing. I love the concept and art. It was both very fun and challenging

Love the game. sometimes characters get stuck, but that makes it more fun

cool game, good art. I found a bug where if you stack a bunch of the men and then spawn in as the one on the bottom you clip through the floor. super cool.

Amazing game, amazing concept and gorgeous presentation. 5/5 for sure. My only feedback is that the difficulty is a little bit too hard hahaha, I've managed to finish all 3 stages, but it was rough! Would love to play a full version of this with more stages (and with a little bit more polish on the collision detection)

Love the game, ultra fun and polished, great job!!

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Love the game and concept tho i got kinda stuck on level 2 as i couldnt get up to the upper section - RTHiro

really cool!! :)

Great Execution! Looks great and feels well.


Wooow, its very good. This type of game which i can say it probably be in top 20. Good graphics, nice sound effect, and the most good - gamplay. You combined randomness of colors , but you win/lose not because of it. Without solid strategy you will definatly lose. But then you start thinking, this game becoming from simple platformer to sort of puzzle, there you need to have a strategy, there each worker should be. 10/10

Hey. I played your game. I love it. The mechanics and graphics are awesome. I finished the first from the second try. I made a video about how I play it. I hope you like it.


Hey what's your email? I want to DM you

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Sure. Thank you. 

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